Modular HousesIt seem there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the modular homes. Many people think that they need to spend more money to have modular homes compare than getting normal homes. They also assume that modular homes have higher insurance rate, weaker than on site houses, took longer time to made it, the structure is weak, can damage easily and cannot be modify.

But, the facts are very far from all of those misconceptions which are said above. Although the earliest production of modular homes are very simple and only cover the basic construction of a house.

But with latest technology development and consumer request for higher specification and features from the modular homes, the modular homes that are produced these days are built in modules or parts in a controlled environment of its manufacturer.

Around 90% of modular homes parts are produce in factories then transported to the customer’s site location to be assembled there.

To find out the truth rather than the myth about modular homes, customer should make a little research about these homes first. The actual fact is that these fabricated homes are less pricey compare to on site built housing.

The average cost for modular housing in per square foot is around 10% to 20% less than the on-site built houses with good quality. Meanwhile the insurance rate for these housing are the same as the on-site housing.

In the term of strength, the modular homes are not inferior to the on-site houses. Plus the modular homes are supervised more thoroughly since the parts are constructed in manufacturer’s factory where the environment is always monitored closely and protected from weather exposure, therefore these factors can improve the quality of house structure.

Meanwhile the on-site homes did not get monitored all the time and full open to weather exposure. The weather factor can increase the risk of water damage and mold issues in the future.

Modular housing are also have additional frames and support in its parts. This is to strengthen the parts when they are transported from the manufacturer to the assembly location, so it can stand to load factor such as vibration on the road.

But, in the matter of the strength to wear and tear both modular and on-site housing are equal since both housing type are exposed to weather after they are fully constructed. It will up to the maintenance from the home owner to preserve their homes.

In a matter of time modular housing will have shorter period of time. Since the house parts are built in a controlled environment, the manufacturing process will have less disturbing factors that can hinder the production process.

Most of them require up to 2 month from manufacturing the first parts of the house to the assembling time. Meanwhile most on-site housing require can take longer time, especially since the weather can disturb the home construction process.

Finally, modular houses can also be customized just like the on-site constructing houses. The home owner can customized the house according to their preference just like any other homes.