Energy Loss In The HouseHave you ever check your home energy usage? If you have not do it, you might want to consider to do it since it will give a lot of benefits for you and your home’s utility bills.

One of the best advantage to do this to ensure the efficiency of your home energy usage. So, homeowner able to control their energy usage and saving their energy budget.

In many cases, doors and windows are common objects that causing energy waste and letting the heat escape to outside. There are also other objects that can waste the energy such as the attics. If homeowner did not pay attention to their attics, they can become big source for heat loss and increase the energy cost for the homeowner.

Usually modern attics will be insulated, but unfortunately the attics have open ventilation to manage the air circulation. If the air did not circulate properly in the attic, it can damage the roofing and other belonging in the attic.

The good news is most home ceiling has insulation to prevent the heat escape from the house to the attic. Unfortunately most homeowners did not utilize the insulation by neglecting the attic’s entrance.

The attic’s entrance could become a big hole that will let the energy or air conditioning escape to the outside from the space gaps which is located around the entrance. By installing temporary seals to this gaps can help homeowner to reduce their energy cost for the cooling and heating up to 20%.

Fireplaces are also another big problem that can causing energy loss in a house. The original purpose of fireplace is as a way to let the smoke from the furnace directly out of the house. The smoke will be push by the heat that is rise up from the furnace itself.

Unfortunately when the fireplace is not being use it still release the heat or cooling air from inside the house to the outside. So, homeowner need to handle this situation by ensuring that the chimney is closed properly if they are not using the fireplace to warm up the house to prevent the energy loss.

Pay attention to these potential places for energy loss will really help the home owner to prevent the increase of energy usage that will increase the energy bills. Homeowners will be glad by using common sense method could help them save a lot of money.