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Replacing Part Of Your Wood FloorSooner or later, any homeowner will have to face the unappealing blemish that present on their floor which is caused by spills, stains or any other smears made by the people and their pets in the house.

In hardwood flooring, the groove usually has section so the groove can be locked to the plank, therefore if homeowner got some extra material, it will become very handy. So, if you buy hardwood flooring, try to get extra groove joints and store them somewhere safe, therefore it can be useful when you want to patch the floor.

But, you need to know that some board could not be fixed and you have to replace it completely. This condition usually happen in older houses, the flooring around old radiator or where the humidity is high. The moisture can make the flooring stained, disfigured or even rotted.

To remove the damage floorboard, homeowner can use circular saw to do it. But, the homeowner do not know how to do it, it will be better to let experienced handy man to do the job. Just, make sure that homeowner do not cut through the sub floor.

To prevent it from happening, you need to match the cut’s depth of the saw with the flooring thickness. After cutting the floorboard, take out the board slice and clean the debris and replace it with the board that is match with the original board’s size and color.
if homeowner need to change more than one board together, they should put the edge of the groove first. After that they can use blind and finishing nails at the tongue.

On the rest floorboard to be fit, cut off the bottom flange of the groove. You can put additional strength by putting a bead of special glue for wood on half groove’s tongue at the last joint that will be fitted.

When you place in the last board, the strip need to be top- nailed. You need to anchor and pre-drill the board using finishing nails every 12 inches at opposing angles spaced half inches from the edge. After you do this task, hit the nail heads until it sink in the board then use wood filler that match with the board’s color to make the board surface flat and use sand paper to make it smoother.

Cleaning The Soft Dust From Home Improvement ProjectHave you ever do a home improvement or construction project to your house? Whether it is in a large scale project or even just a small improvement project, surely there will be piles of fine dust from the project that scattered all over the place, even at furthest area from the project.

These dusts usually are so soft and light, so it will require a lot of effort and time to get rid of it completely. To save the amount of time and effort to clean it, there are few methods to help you clean your home from these dusts such as;

Do not try to sweep those dusts

Sweeping those light dusts will only make them more scattered all over the place. This is because the dust is so light, it will fly in to the air even with slightest touch. It will be like playing tags with the dust.

Of course if there larger debris from the project such as some parts from the wood, plaster, stone or other material from the project, you will need to sweep them to clean the area. But, do not try to sweep the remaining soft dust immediately after you have disposed the large debris. So, you need to let those dusts are settle few moments before you remove them.

Use vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust

Using vacuum to remove the soft dust is more effective than using broom to sweep those dusts. Vacuum every surface of the floor, furniture, windows and door’s frames using the vacuum’s small attachment.

Use a damp cloth after vacuuming

Vacuumed thoroughly on every surface of object that is in the area including the vertical surface of every object. After you have vacuum the soft dust from the surface of every object in the area and the floor, then you need to wipe every object in the area including the surface of the floor with a damp cloth. If the dust already stick to the surface of an object and cannot be removed with the damp cloth, then you can use cleaning solution that is safe to clean the object.

Cleaning the floor

Regarding with cleaning the floor from the soft dust, you need to vacuum thoroughly if you are using carpets then wash the carpet right away. You can contact a carpet cleaning service if it is too hard for you to wash the carpet.

But, if your floor is hard flooring such as wood or stone tiles, you need to use scrubber drier it after you vacuum it. Mopping it with wet cloth does not effectively clean the dust. You will only make the dust wet and smudge it to the floor causing muddy marks on the floor.

If your home is using floor boarding, you need to put the carpet back on the floor immediately after you have vacuum the floor underneath the carpet. This is to prevent the dust rising up to the surface again from the boarding gaps when people are walking on the board.