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Replacing Part Of Your Wood FloorSooner or later, any homeowner will have to face the unappealing blemish that present on their floor which is caused by spills, stains or any other smears made by the people and their pets in the house.

In hardwood flooring, the groove usually has section so the groove can be locked to the plank, therefore if homeowner got some extra material, it will become very handy. So, if you buy hardwood flooring, try to get extra groove joints and store them somewhere safe, therefore it can be useful when you want to patch the floor.

But, you need to know that some board could not be fixed and you have to replace it completely. This condition usually happen in older houses, the flooring around old radiator or where the humidity is high. The moisture can make the flooring stained, disfigured or even rotted.

To remove the damage floorboard, homeowner can use circular saw to do it. But, the homeowner do not know how to do it, it will be better to let experienced handy man to do the job. Just, make sure that homeowner do not cut through the sub floor.

To prevent it from happening, you need to match the cut’s depth of the saw with the flooring thickness. After cutting the floorboard, take out the board slice and clean the debris and replace it with the board that is match with the original board’s size and color.
if homeowner need to change more than one board together, they should put the edge of the groove first. After that they can use blind and finishing nails at the tongue.

On the rest floorboard to be fit, cut off the bottom flange of the groove. You can put additional strength by putting a bead of special glue for wood on half groove’s tongue at the last joint that will be fitted.

When you place in the last board, the strip need to be top- nailed. You need to anchor and pre-drill the board using finishing nails every 12 inches at opposing angles spaced half inches from the edge. After you do this task, hit the nail heads until it sink in the board then use wood filler that match with the board’s color to make the board surface flat and use sand paper to make it smoother.

This is the last parts of materials that are often used as kitchen countertop. In this post we will talk about countertop that is made using hardwood, laminate and acrylic material.


Countertop which is made from hardwood is also known as Butcher Block Countertop because it is often used by butcher in their shop. Any types of hardwood can be used as countertop material, but usually the wood from oak or maple tree are the most popular hardwood for this purpose.

Hardwood countertop has warm and beautiful appearance with variety of textures, colors and shades. Hardwood countertop can also be used as secondary cutting board as long as the home owner does not mind that their countertop will get scratch all over its surface.

If the hardwood countertop get scratch, stain or deep cuts, it can be fix and sanded easily and then re-coating it to restore its appearance. The price for this type of countertop is somewhat more affordable to home owners.

The drawbacks of using this type of countertop are the material is quite soft, so it can chip, dent, scratch or get burn easier. Due to its nature characteristic, the hardwood shape can also change. It can get shrink or warp over the time.

The hardwood color can also affected by moisture, especially near the sinks where it often gets contacted by water. To prevent this from happening, regular sealing is needed to preserve the color.


Formica commonly used as the material for laminate countertop. It is a thin plastic layer which is glued to a wood or particle board to imitate the appearance of hardwood but with lighter weight. There are countless of color and the pattern from this material.

Because this type of countertop is easily manufactured the price for this material is quite cheap. The plastic material has high resistance again stain and easily clean without too much of effort.

The laminate countertop has less durability compare to the other materials. It has weak resistance again scratch and heat. It is also vulnerable against abrasive cleaner that can make the color become dull. Even without using the abrasive cleaner, the color of this material will fade over the time. The laminate countertop is also weak again moisture. The plastic can warp and the glue becomes weak if it constantly exposed to water or high humidity.

Acrylic/solid surface

Solid surface or acrylic countertop are custom made counters that are used for special purpose or application. It is stronger and more durable than laminate countertop. It is also high resistance against water and even against bacteria and molds.

The material is non porous, so it high resistance against water and easier to clean. Although it has weak resistance against scratch, any scratch or damage can be sanded easily. The material is weak against heat, so it can get burnt easily.

So, with the variety of options that you can choose for your kitchen countertop, you can choose the material that suit with your taste, condition and budget. Renovating the old countertop could make good statement and enhance the appearance of your kitchen.